Year Round Events - Available Every Day

Year-Round Events (YRE) are self-guided events you can do at almost any time on almost any day.  Year-round-events are open all year as long as the business at the start is open.

Why Do YREs?

YREs are a great way to see over 75 areas within Florida and more than 1800 around the country.  If you travel, look up YRE locations (AVA Search) before you go.  These locally developed walks usually show off a particular area and can be a great way of developing a sense of place or history, and a feeling for a neighborhood, city or area other than your own.  You earn Event and Distance credit by walking these events.  The AVA record and rewards program are explained here.

They also provide great walking opportunities when no traditional events are scheduled in your area or for mid-week walking alone or with groups. 

YREs in Florida are sponsored by the Florida Volkssport Association and the eight walking/volkssport clubs, which pick out an interesting route, prepare directions and a map, and maintain a start location.   Like traditional events, YRE walks are usually 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), but may be longer, and have a shorter route of 5 or 6 kilometers when feasible.  Bike YREs, when available, are at least 25k (15.5 miles). Find YREs at Walk Florida Events on left.

Sometimes more information about YREs can be found on club websites and in the Starting Point, an annual guide to all YREs published annually by the AVA.  These sources will include the location of the event, a short description, directions, a contact person, the trail rating, and the hours and days that the start location is open.

When can you Walk Year Round Events?

Year Round Events can be walked when businesses are open each separate day for Event and Distance Credit.  Any event can be walked once daily for event credit and twice for a distance credit with a single payment.