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FVA Focus, the FVA eNews letter. Read President Wilma Shively’s FVA Focus December

2017 Florida Multi-event Walks

Presidents Day Weekend

February 17-20, 2017, Panama City Beach

Hotel rate is $109 until 10 January

Walks and fun - Brochure

2017 AVA 20th Biennial Convention


Billings, Montana

5-11 June events and AVA Meetings

All rooms at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center have been reserved. If you would like to be placed on a list to receive a room if someone cancels, please send an email to and we will track it on a first come-first served basis. Make sure to include your contact information and the last date you would consider.

FVA Meetings and Announcements

The semiannual FVA meeting was held at 2:00pm 6 November, Jan Kaminis Platt Regional Library in Tampa. The draft minutes are posted . The Southeast Region Director attended and spoke on the future of AVA, President Wilma Shively noted that elections for Secretary and Treasurer are in April 2017 and that JoAnne Cross is nomination chair. She asked for volunteers for these offices and for a Walk Florida State Parks coordinator as Bev MacNeill will leave that position 1 January. Discussions on upcoming multievent weekends (14-16 Feb and 17-20 Mar) were held. The FVA Bylaws were amended to delete the South and North Coordinators.

FVA Volunteers are Club Volunteers

As an interface with the Regional Director, an advocate for Florida walking events, a manager for Walk Florida State Parks program, FVA officers and directors are from our eight clubs.

Elected officers are the President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Each of the eight clubs appoints a representative to make up the official 12 members of FVA Board. Adjunct positions are the Walk Florida State Parks coordinator and the FVA Website manager. There is an Executive Committee, a budget committee, and an Audit committee required by the Bylaws. 

See Florida club’s Facebook links.

FVA has available a FVA tee for sale to anyone desiring one by contacting the POC for WFSPs, Wilma Shively,

AVA Checkpoint (CP) is available monthly here. The AVA began directly emailing the Checkpoint to all club officers in December 2015.

The CP has some great information for Club officers and members. See the December 2013 issue for “Club Publicity Tools” including great brochures, lists of publicity contacts in every most Florida cities, and two professional “Everybody Walks” videos.

The “Tools” are found at

The videos are at:

"Volkswalking - Off the Beaten Path”

 "Volkswalking - A Family Affair"

AVA Special Programs: AVA Special Programs added for 2016 are ready to start - got your program books? The American Wanderer and the AVA web site have details.  Go to the Links page for all the programs and details. Remember that walkers have the year following to complete the Special Program and return the completed book (e.g. Program ends Dec 2014, book returned NLT Dec 2015).

Trail Ratings

These ratings are provided here.

Seven Southeast Florida Walks - Remote Registration

The Mid Florida Milers sanction seven YRE events in southeast Florida. These are remote registration events and the registration form is at until December 31.

On January 1 these great walks will be registered online only. See the 2017 Events page. The 7 Florida walks are in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton (all in Palm Beach County), Ft Lauderdale, Miami South Beach, and Key West.

These walks require logging into a web site, paying via credit card to PalPal, and downloading digital instructions to a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.  Costs are $3 for credit (as normal) and $2 for non credit walkers.  Credit stamps are provided via the same web site.  There are over 40 walks available online now.

Links to Club Newsletters. If a club has provided a newsletter, it is linked on the Florida Walking Clubs Page.