Traditional Events

Traditional volkssport events are scheduled for a particular date or dates, and are staffed by a host club that lays out an interesting route or trail, and handles registration, checkpoints, and the finish.  Most often, regular events occur on a weekend, and have a specified starting period during which participants must begin the event.  They also have a specified finish time, by which all participants must finish. 

Where you'll see events

Traditional events in Florida are advertised on club web sites, this WalkFlorida site HERE, in brochures, and frequently on local news event web sites, in local newspapers and sometimes on radio/TV.  Published notices include a contact person with phone number or email address in case you have questions. 

Route Lengths and accessibility

Walk routes or trails typically are 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), but they may be longer.  When possible, there will be a shorter option of 5 or 6 kilometers. Bike routes are at least 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) but are often longer or have longer options.  Trails are given a rating of 1 to 5 and a description of trail ratings is here.  Routes may or may not be suitable for strollers, wheelchairs, and other wheeled carriers.  Check with the contact person or club.  Dogs are usually welcome on these events, subject to the club’s route and local ordinances and regulations. 

How it works

At a traditional event, walkers show up at the start point anytime between the start period (1-3 hours for regular events), where they register and pick up directions and a start card.  In the case of walking and cycling events, the directions may include a map.  There usually will be restrooms and water at the start.  Host clubs try to arrange start points that have adequate parking.

Participants do the event at their own pace, alone or with others, carrying their start cards and directions.  The route or trail may also be marked with arrows and/or ribbons to complement the written instructions.    There may be a check point, or control point, partway through.  At this point, participants get their start cards stamped or otherwise validated, and can stock up on water.  Sometimes there are snacks as well.

At the finish, participants turn in their start cards and, if they have IVV record books, get them stamped.  IVV/AVA Record books and awards are explained here.  The start/finish area frequently includes a table with information about other events and clubs. 

Guided or Group Walks

Occasionally a regular event may be advertised as a guided or group walk.  At a guided walk, everyone meets and starts at the same time, led by a guide or guides.  Participants might be divided into two groups – fast walkers and slow walkers – each with a guide.